Topsy Turvy Garden – Week 2


After deciding that I wanted to plant some vegetables, I did some research and found the different ways to do some topsy turvy gardening, and actually tried two different kinds.  I am growing tomatoes, peppers, and some herbs.

Here is a picture of everything hanging from the clothes line (which we never use) so far.


We started off with a few bigger tomato plants.  We have a Better Boy and an Early Girl, which are already blossoming. Yay! (1st picture)

Early Girl & Better Boy Plants!

Those were made with two different kinds of 2L bottles.  I used soda and OJ bottles. I preferred that OJ bottles (Minute Maid) They were a sturdier plastic and the opening was bigger, making it easier to get the plant in the bottom.  I have about two more that I’m going to plant, so I’ll probably post a tutorial here soonish.

The other ones are the peppers and the herbs.  I found a few hanging baskets (saved a lot of drilling and cutting, but not all of it.) for $1 a piece.  Not too bad for the size.  I cut three holes in the bottom and put a plant in each and then put an herb on top.  So far they are growing wildly, can’t wait to see some vegetables growing off of them.

Stevia & Green Pepper Plants 1Peppermint & Banana Peppers2
Cilantro and Cubanelle Pepper Planter3Flat Leaf Parsley & Hot Block Peppers4

Picture 1 is Green peppers with a Stevia plant growing on top.  Picture 2 is Peppermint & Banana peppers. Picture 3 is Cilantro & Cubanelle Peppers. Picture 4 Flat Leaf Parsley & Hot Block Peppers.

I also have baskets of Chili Peppers and a Mix basket.  I plan on getting some jalapenos, basil, sage, rosemary, and maybe a few others.  Plus we are planting some onions as well.

I’m going to try to update this every week with their growth!

Look for homemade tomato sauce and canning peppers for later in the summer.


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