Easy Gourmet Cupcakes


I’m all about making life easier.  Yes I’d prefer healthier 99% of the time but if you’re in a pinch but you want it look like you were trying harder than you were I have the perfect trick for you.

This is what I’m doing for the bring a covered dish to our motorcycle run this morning (Yes I’m a biker too 😉 )

I got a box of red velvet cake mix and brownie mix, with coupons of course! I think I paid maybe .50 each for them.  I had the cream cheese and powdered sugar, so I had everything I needed already there.

Mix the ingredients together as directed in two separate bowls, and then when you put the cupcake pans together, Spoon (Sorry I forgot to take pix during the process! 😦 Will work on that )  in the red velvet in all the cups, close to normal but a little low, so you’ll have a few extra cupcakes, oh darn. Then with the brownie mix, put a dollop in the middle of the batter.  Just don’t let it get to the edges.  Bake it like the box tells you too.  With the red velvet the brownie disappears, I’ve done it with yellow cake, and you still have a brown spot on the top.  

Then wait to cool so the frosting doesn’t melt, and pipe frosting with your home made cream cheese frosting (or whatever frosting you make).  I just use a gallon ziploc bag and a star tip, because then it doesn’t look homemade.  This always goes over well, and you know the cake will taste good.

There are your fast and easy gourmet cupcakes!


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