Topsy Turvy Garden Week 4

Topsy Turvy Garden Week 4

The garden is growing and doing well.  I think its going to be a few weeks before we see a lot of progress, but my one tomato is getting a lot bigger by the day and a few of the pepper plants are growing flowers.  Hopefully since this has already been a crazy warm summer, they’ll grow fast and be more productive.

If you were looking on twitter I’ve been looking on Pinterest all morning for recipes to use with all the peppers I’m growing. I can only eat so many peppers.

Definitely looking forward to some Jalapeno mustard and hot pepper jelly.  Have any other suggestions or great canning recipes? I’d love to hear them.  As soon as I start getting more fruit growing I’ll be posting the recipes I try.

If you’re looking for more progress on my plants I post more photos on (MandaMakes)  more than once a week.. its fascinating to watch everything grow, knowing that i’m growing it.


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