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Super Kids – Derby Race

Super Kids – Derby Race

Yesterday was probably one of the best and coolest day I’ve had in a really long time.  I’ve know that my parents have been involved in this charity for a long time, but have never been able to go.  Since being unemployed (yes it sucks) I’ve been spending a lot more time helping them out with their endeavors and being able to do stuff with them.

The Super Kids Classic is a race that is held at the National Derby Race Course in Akron. They are a bunch of volunteers that get together fix or even make new derby cars for two kids.  They have drivers who are younger kids 8-15 ish sorry don’t have all the details in front of me.  The passenger is a kid with special needs.  These kids get to ride down the hill a few times with the drivers.  They are so excited and enjoy this so much.  It was such an awesome experience to be at the bottom of the hill where they finish and see how excited they were.

My parents are part of the group that runs to bottom of the hill.  It is a bunch of bikers who are doing such a good thing to make sure the cars stop and help get the kids out of the car.  They are there to hug them, clap for them, tell them what a great job they did, and to make sure if they are scared someone is there to hold their hands.  This is an amazing site to see, a bunch of bikers smiling and picking up kids that are usually in wheelchairs or who normally wouldn’t be considered for an activity like this.  What is even cooler, is that some of the kids will actually get to run in the National Race on July 20th.  The top three finishers will get to run their race in the national spotlight.  What an amazing experience.

I actually got to help my dad work on the cars, and meet all of the people behind the scenes.  These people are wonderful, most of them have kids that actually participate in the race or have children that are drivers.  They spend several full weekends and lots of money or connections to make sure this race get put on.  These people aren’t the ones who donate all the money, most of them have normal everyday jobs, some of them didn’t even have jobs or were laid off at the time. But they put all they can into making sure this race goes perfectly.

Overall it was an amazing day, I got to meet some spectacular kids who have lived longer than they were supposed to or have some of the biggest personalities I’ve ever met.  I was kind of sad, that such an amazing cause gets such little press, and that there were no people in the stands cheering for them.  I love watching this, and really am going to work harder on making every effort to get people there.  It is free to watch, which kills me that we couldn’t get more supporters.

I will do more for this event, because it definitely becoming more and more of something that gets to me.  If anyone wants to help or needs more information please e-mail me  I’d love all the help I can get.

Today we are going to celebrate, we are having a picnic to celebrate those kids and all of the volunteers.  I even got to help with this, I used my coupons to get the hot dogs, relish, and a few other things for a lot cheaper.

This has been such a great weekend.

I do have picture, but they are on someone else’s camera.  I’ll post them as soon as I get to go through them.

Hope your weekend was a great as mine, and try to do something nice for someone else today!


Cupcakes & Appreciation


No, I do not have kids. But man do I love when school is finally out! My mother is a school bus driver.  She is so much more fun and we get to do a lot of things in the summer.  Today is the last day.  She begged me to make some pretty cupcakes for the bus drivers to say thank you to all the drivers and mechanics.  So went to the grocery store bought some ingredients and begged my sister to help me.

We made the Pasta Sausage Bake, which by the way was delicious, I use a little less sugar though.  So we did that first, it was pretty easy to make, and put it in the oven to start baking cupcakes.

We decided to make two different cupcakes, for the different pallets. 😀 Strawberry Lemonade & Cookies and Cream.  Let me tell you, it was a decent amount of work, but totally worth it.  They were both amazing.  The cool part was that Cyndi got to learn how to frost cupcakes.  I can’t believe she hasn’t done it before lol.  But whatever it was such a great day and got to do a lot for some awesome people.

Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

inspired by

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

inspired by

Like I said before both of these cupcakes were amazing, and probably ruined my diet, but worth it!

If I get time I’ll get some recipe cards typed up for these, but this weekend is incredibly busy.  We are doing a charity event with the motorcycle club all day tomorrow and a thank you picnic for the workers Sunday.  I haven’t been asked to bake for that yet, but I’m sure I will be Saturday night haha.  If you want to see an awesome charity worth donating or even going to go see check out (they apparently haven’t updated their website since last year, but the basics are the same and the race is tomorrow.)

Have a great weekend!

Easy Gourmet Cupcakes


I’m all about making life easier.  Yes I’d prefer healthier 99% of the time but if you’re in a pinch but you want it look like you were trying harder than you were I have the perfect trick for you.

This is what I’m doing for the bring a covered dish to our motorcycle run this morning (Yes I’m a biker too 😉 )

I got a box of red velvet cake mix and brownie mix, with coupons of course! I think I paid maybe .50 each for them.  I had the cream cheese and powdered sugar, so I had everything I needed already there.

Mix the ingredients together as directed in two separate bowls, and then when you put the cupcake pans together, Spoon (Sorry I forgot to take pix during the process! 😦 Will work on that )  in the red velvet in all the cups, close to normal but a little low, so you’ll have a few extra cupcakes, oh darn. Then with the brownie mix, put a dollop in the middle of the batter.  Just don’t let it get to the edges.  Bake it like the box tells you too.  With the red velvet the brownie disappears, I’ve done it with yellow cake, and you still have a brown spot on the top.  

Then wait to cool so the frosting doesn’t melt, and pipe frosting with your home made cream cheese frosting (or whatever frosting you make).  I just use a gallon ziploc bag and a star tip, because then it doesn’t look homemade.  This always goes over well, and you know the cake will taste good.

There are your fast and easy gourmet cupcakes!

Welcome All!


Hello all! I’m Amanda (Manda) and I’m going to share my life and its adventures with you. I’m a crafter by nature, a photographer at heart, and frugal as possible. I make everything I can, clip coupons, and really enjoying making things for other people. I follow tons of blogs, and love reading about everyone else’s ups, downs, and wonderful masterpieces, so I thought I’d start to share mine as well.

If you want to know more about me please ask, I’m really looking forward to meeting and enjoying all of my new friends that could come out of this.