Modern Gardening

This year I decided to try a few different types of Gardening.  If you’ve ever seen those topsy turvy tomato planters, you’ll understand what I’m trying to do.  I went to the flea market this week, I bought a few tomato plants to start with.  Emptied a few 2L soda bottles, and made some DIY tomato planters.  (pictures to follow)  I actually liked the Minute Maid orange juice containers, much better, the plastic was sturdier, and when I made the water retaining system it seemed to hold a little better.

Then after doing some more research, I found out you can do the same type of planting with pepper plants.  So I went back and got some pepper plants, several types. and planted them in actual planting buckets with a different idea in mind.  With these, I drilled three holes in the bottom of each, and put a plant in each one of them, and then planted an herb on top.  Now they will be multitasking, and I’ll be getting what I want out of them.  I will start taking pictures weekly for you to see how they are doing and growing and to see if this is going to be successful.  I have one more type of plant to buy, So I’ll do a DIY tutorial here soon.

Topsy Turvy Garden Week 2


Topsy Turvy Garden Week 3

Topsy Turvy Garden Week 4

Topsy Turvy Garden Week 5


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