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Topsy Turvy Garden Week 6

Topsy Turvy Garden Week 6

So this week lots has gone on.. I built a new planter with a trellis for cucumbers and watermelon.  I did a lot of research before doing this, and made sure to buy the right plants.  I got smaller watermelon plants, sugar babies and vine cucumbers so that they would grow up the trellis. I went to Lowes and got some untreated fence posts, for cheap and built a box pretty cheap.  I think next year I might do the cedar ones, because they’ll look prettier and we can put some on the patio.

The raised bed garden seems to be doing well. Peppers popping out everywhere and tons of flowers.  In the next few weeks I’ll have peppers coming out of my ears.  The onions, garlic, and lettuce are growing crazy as well.  Don’t mind the weeds, one of my goals today.

My Banana Peppers are getting big. 

The topsy turvy part is growing really well.  I have 4 tomatoes one you can’t really see yet, but its there.  The pepper plants on the planter might not have started growing yet, but they have more flower buds than the ones in the raised bed, and some of the have started flowering.  So a few more weeks and everything well be growing very well. My cilantro in the top of the planter is getting huge, I need to start making salsa apparently.

I am worrying about the topsy turvy tomato plants, that there isn’t enough room for the roots, maybe transplanting them into a bigger container. Haven’t completely decided, but I’d love them to produce a lot, and the bigger the roots the better chance they have.  I’ve been working on plan for a compost bin too, so that’ll be a project I should be able share with you guys too.



Topsy Turvy Garden – Week 2


After deciding that I wanted to plant some vegetables, I did some research and found the different ways to do some topsy turvy gardening, and actually tried two different kinds.  I am growing tomatoes, peppers, and some herbs.

Here is a picture of everything hanging from the clothes line (which we never use) so far.


We started off with a few bigger tomato plants.  We have a Better Boy and an Early Girl, which are already blossoming. Yay! (1st picture)

Early Girl & Better Boy Plants!

Those were made with two different kinds of 2L bottles.  I used soda and OJ bottles. I preferred that OJ bottles (Minute Maid) They were a sturdier plastic and the opening was bigger, making it easier to get the plant in the bottom.  I have about two more that I’m going to plant, so I’ll probably post a tutorial here soonish.

The other ones are the peppers and the herbs.  I found a few hanging baskets (saved a lot of drilling and cutting, but not all of it.) for $1 a piece.  Not too bad for the size.  I cut three holes in the bottom and put a plant in each and then put an herb on top.  So far they are growing wildly, can’t wait to see some vegetables growing off of them.

Stevia & Green Pepper Plants 1Peppermint & Banana Peppers2
Cilantro and Cubanelle Pepper Planter3Flat Leaf Parsley & Hot Block Peppers4

Picture 1 is Green peppers with a Stevia plant growing on top.  Picture 2 is Peppermint & Banana peppers. Picture 3 is Cilantro & Cubanelle Peppers. Picture 4 Flat Leaf Parsley & Hot Block Peppers.

I also have baskets of Chili Peppers and a Mix basket.  I plan on getting some jalapenos, basil, sage, rosemary, and maybe a few others.  Plus we are planting some onions as well.

I’m going to try to update this every week with their growth!

Look for homemade tomato sauce and canning peppers for later in the summer.

Cilantro Lime Crusted Chicken Tacos


Like I noted in the Meal Planning Monday, Monday we had Cilantro Lime Crusted Chicken Tacos. Sorry took so long to post, but yesterday was a crazy day. I have a broken foot at the moment, shopping and interviewing on crutches is not recommended! But we go the meal made, and my mom (who does not cook at all) helped while I hobbled, and it all came together, thunderstorm and all.

With my couponing this week, we got some of the Kraft Fresh Takes On sale for $1/each, after coupon, totally worth trying a few.

Overall Rating:

Manda: Was pretty good, and nice and quick! Great for a night on the go.  The calories weren’t completely horrible either.  With 100 calories per serving, plus wrap and toppings, you could make this a very low calorie meal.     A

Family: Everyone loved that it was easy to customize and they could have exactly what they wanted.  Everyone loved the cilantro and lime seasoning .  A+

Cilantro Lime Crusted Chicken Tacos

Serves 6

Total time: 45 minutes

Preheat Oven 375°

2lb whole boneless skinless chicken breasts (Completely Thawed)

1 Cilantro Lime Fresh Takes

Whole Wheat Soft Tacos

Toppings of your choice!

Follow the directions in the package for the Fresh Takes, Used the thawed chicken, and soak in water and place in bag to coat with toppings.  Place on a greased baking sheet or my favorite a foil covered baking sheet.  Bake Chicken for 30 minutes.

This is when you can wash dishes or catch up on something else.  (I was getting my coupons ready for my trip on Tuesday, have to multitask!)
IMG_7785[1] IMG_7786[1]
When the chicken is done pull out and slice  to put onto your whole wheat tortillas. Add your favorite toppings and voila you’re done! Quick, Easy, and Delicious!


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