Cupcakes & Appreciation


No, I do not have kids. But man do I love when school is finally out! My mother is a school bus driver.  She is so much more fun and we get to do a lot of things in the summer.  Today is the last day.  She begged me to make some pretty cupcakes for the bus drivers to say thank you to all the drivers and mechanics.  So went to the grocery store bought some ingredients and begged my sister to help me.

We made the Pasta Sausage Bake, which by the way was delicious, I use a little less sugar though.  So we did that first, it was pretty easy to make, and put it in the oven to start baking cupcakes.

We decided to make two different cupcakes, for the different pallets. 😀 Strawberry Lemonade & Cookies and Cream.  Let me tell you, it was a decent amount of work, but totally worth it.  They were both amazing.  The cool part was that Cyndi got to learn how to frost cupcakes.  I can’t believe she hasn’t done it before lol.  But whatever it was such a great day and got to do a lot for some awesome people.

Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

inspired by

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

inspired by

Like I said before both of these cupcakes were amazing, and probably ruined my diet, but worth it!

If I get time I’ll get some recipe cards typed up for these, but this weekend is incredibly busy.  We are doing a charity event with the motorcycle club all day tomorrow and a thank you picnic for the workers Sunday.  I haven’t been asked to bake for that yet, but I’m sure I will be Saturday night haha.  If you want to see an awesome charity worth donating or even going to go see check out (they apparently haven’t updated their website since last year, but the basics are the same and the race is tomorrow.)

Have a great weekend!


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